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Fitness Journey Through Two Pregnancies

After giving birth to my first kid, I was suffering with lower back pain, reduced energy level, and loss of strength. All I wanted was to confidently hold and play with my baby. It’s lucky to have Candy to be my personal trainer at that point. 

With her knowledge on workouts and nutrition, I learned how to strengthen my pelvic floor, build mind-muscle connection, and improve eating habits. It feels really nice to reconnect with my body and myself during exercises.

When developing my training program, Candy is very professional to avoid hurting weak knees or aggravating diastasis recti. During my second pregnancy, she helped me to keep exercising from the first trimester to the last month in a safe manner.

I have been training with Candy for over 4 years. Now, as a mother of two kids, I’m proud to be the strongest version of myself. It's impossible for me to achieve my fitness goals without Candy. I would highly recommend anyone, especially new moms,who would like to improve their fitness to work with her.

Sophie's Story: Welcome
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