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Loving Her Strong Lean Body

Candy is an amazing trainer. My unique journey started in summer of 2020 when I decided to try remote training with Candy. Since I work at a desk job, I constantly had stiffness in my neck and shoulder, and often swollen legs. I was feeling aches everywhere, and I was not happy about how my body looked. I wanted to achieve a lean, strong body. What was amazing is that despite not seeing each other in-person for appointments, I still achieved my weight goal with Candy in less than 3 months!

After the initial consultation, Candy programmed my workouts that utilized full-body movements such as squats and deadlifts, to build up my overall strength. After a few months, I became strong enough to do full push-ups (which I was never able to do before). From that point on, we were able to work on isolated body parts as well. Overall, I lost about 12 lbs and gained a ton of muscle since I trained with Candy! 

Candy is a true fitness expert - not only did she guide me to properly execute workouts, but she also gave me some very helpful tips on nutrition, which is an important piece to the weight loss goal. What I really appreciated was how she attended to my weaker side of the body, and catered exercises to correct the instability on my right leg. I am so glad that she was part of my fitness journey. I feel like a transformed person since I actually like how I look now. If you are someone who is looking to lead a healthy lifestyle, then Candy will be a perfect fit!

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