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I am a competitive inline speed skater with over a decade of international racing experience. I work closely with my coach so I understand firsthand the benefits of custom-designed training program. Strong core and lower body are keys to unleash a fitter healthier you!

I specialize in working with prenatal and postpartum women. With appropriate progression, I can help you achieve optimal overall health and pelvic floor functions. An active lifestyle is a gift that I want more people to experience. With my sports background in skating, running, weightlifting, and snowboarding, I can help you find your inner athletic self. Whether it is the freedom to explore the great outdoors or the joy of sharing your favourite physical activity with friends and family, I know you can do it.

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I am passionate about baking, cooking, and traveling. If you take a peek at my social media, you will find plenty of musing on my adventures in the kitchen and on the road. Clients often ask me what I do with all the cakes and cookies that I bake. As boring as it sounds, moderation is key! I share with friends and family at every chance I get.

I learned as a young adult that a healthy body allows me to explore the world to my heart's content. From there, I never look back. Whether it was hiking the Overland Track in Tasmania for six days, or a fun stroll from Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park, I value the freedom that comes with fitness. This is a gift that I want to share with you.

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