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Got Into Amazing Shape For Her Wedding

I used to be active before I moved to Canada 14 years ago. With the stress of establishing my new life, I stopped exercising and started gaining weight. Due to financial difficulty I was on and off attending gym and eventually gained 33lb over the years. I couldn't dress the way I like and hid beneath loose tops and dresses. My knees hurt, I got out of breath easily, and my confidence plummeted. I was 43 and much too young to age prematurely! 

I started working with my personal trainer Candy in December 2015 to regain my health, my figure, and my confidence. She guided me to healthy living inside and outside the gym. She taught me correct exercising form and designed a program to help me overcome past injuries. She coached me to establish regular sleep schedule and sustainable nutritional strategy for maximum weight loss result. She inspired me to remain dedicated to my new healthy habits. Thanks to her compelling plan I grew more passionate to continue my fitness journey despite obstacles.

I lost 11.5 inches before my wedding. Not only am I comfortable with my body once again, I also received lots of compliments! Together, I know we can achieve my new goal for a slimmer and healthier me!

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