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Experience Of Training In Her 70s

I wanted to reach out to you with a big “thank you”.

Since we began working with one another in March 2017, I have been wanting to recognize you for all the efforts you have made to ensure my success. I think you are an amazing human being and I am grateful to have you to assist in achieving my goals.

You personify professionalism, love and care in all you do as a trainer. Here are few characteristics that I have had the privilege of witnessing during our time together.

  • you have proven to be dependable both in your diligence within your profession and consistent positive “you can do it” personality

  • you are a dedicated professional who remains on the leading edge of your craft always bringing new and creative ways of ensuring I continue to obtain my fitness and weight loss goals

  • your professionalism is admirable. I have had many years of experience and can recognize a professional when I see one

  • you continue to exceed my expectations by going beyond the call of duty. For example, your insistence that I participate in the 5K walk/run in December is a goal I never thought I would achieve before I met you. Thank you Candy.

  • one of the most important things you bring to our coach/trainer relationship is your ability to work with me within my parameters. You do not judge me or make me feel bad about my not achieving a particular weeks goals.

I am very grateful for your support, dedication and persistence in ensuring I am the “best me” I can possibly be.

Edythe's Story: Welcome
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