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How She Overcame Low Back Pain

I trained with Candy for over a year.  When I first started with Candy I had one primary goal.  I was suffering from lower back pain and was seeing my chiropractor 3 times a week. The pain was affecting all the things I love to do like golfing and bike riding and being generally very active.  Also, my son’s wedding was coming up and to be in pain would have ruined the day.  So, my primary goal was to work on strengthening my core to reduce the pain.

Candy put together a program that eased me into training and prepared me for my son’s big day.  The day was great and I had no back pain.  After that we increased the training with a focus on core strength and within 6 months I was doing exercises and lifting weights that I never thought possible – from the rowing machine, to 55 lb back squats to 65 lb deadlifts to learning how to use a number of the machines correctly.

I have not had one chiropractor visit this year!  I now go to the gym and workout on my own.  Candy instilled the confidence I needed to do this.  I am back golfing and active and pain free.

Candy is a fantastic trainer.  She knows exactly how to target the training to your needs. She gets you to do your best and push it a bit harder in an very encouraging way.  She is also a very caring person.  She cares about her clients and delights in their progress. 

I highly recommend Candy – she is a pleasure to work with!

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