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Stronger and More Resilient

I started working with Candy in January 2016 to lose 10 lb by my daughter’s wedding, so I could look good in my dress. When the big day came, I did lose some weight and fitted into my dress very nicely. Furthermore, after 5 months of training, I found that my muscle tone and my balance had improved too. I wanted to continue training for a different reason: I am determined to improve my fitness condition to lead a better quality life and not just to look good. I felt that Candy understands my challenges and can help me to reach my new goal.

Not only is Candy a dedicated trainer, she is also a motivational instructor. She helps me identify areas that need improvement and finds ways to encourage me to get result through my training. Gradually, I can see that my physical condition improves with stronger muscle, better balance, improved posture, and higher energy level. People around me also witness significant improvement in my physical state. Right now I have more confidence in carry out an active life. I even plan for trips and activities that I would not imagine before!

Linda's Story: Welcome
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